Each business has its own unique footprint, this is why looking at Settlement Statements alone is not enough.

What is your Business Worth?

The Value of your business is not dictated by your Contract.
Your Contract is dictated by the value of your business.
Controlling Expenses is a huge asset.

We will not task you with guessing your own asking price & then take the dollar amount over your price as our profit. No shoddy business dealings here. You will earn every dollar your business is sold for. Be careful with brokers who do this.  Feel free to call or email us if you are in a situation where your business isn’t getting sold or Buyers just go by the wayside.  We earn a living by commission which is guaranteed to be 2-3% less than our competitors.

What we need to start your Valuation:

  • We Analyze the details of your Daily Run
  • Settlement Statements
  • PCAT
  • Proprietary Information
  • Proprietary Information
  • Proprietary information will be disclosed once we arrive to an agreement to perform your No-Fee Valuation.
  • Proprietary Information

We will not impact the value of your business by using specific software created to perform features to arrive at your business value. Too much gets lost and could be a sign of absent expertise. This is why we love what we do for our clients as your Specialized Business Broker Advisory Boutique.