15 FedEx Home & Ground Routes in Baltimore, MD

*You may fill out and sign the NDA online by clicking on the Sign Document button below or you may Fax to 877-311-0970, or email to NDA@Routes.ForSale, along with the first page of your bank or brokerage statement (with account number redacted), showing at least $380,000 down payment as your Proof of Funds. Upon receipt of NDA & FUNDS VERIFICATION, the due diligence material will be emailed to you in a link to Box.com.

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Purchase Price: $1,450,000, plus
assumption of 12 Leased trucks.
100% ISP Compliant, 100% Overlap
Deal Recap:
Next Twelve Months Gross Income: $1,735,000
Purchase Price: $1,450,000, plus assumption of 12 Leased trucks,

Next Twelve Months Cash Flow: $480,000+

Vehicle Value: $200,000
15 FedEx Home & Ground Routes, 15 FedEx Delivery Vehicles in Baltimore Co. MD.
SBA financing IS available for this transaction in the amount of $1,070,000.  
What Does Financing do for you?
Example: 25% Down
7.50% 10 year Amortization Equity Investment: $ 380,000
SBA Loan: $ 1,070,000
Working Capital: $ 25,000
SBA Guarantee Fee: $ 32,850
Closing Costs: $ 15,000
Total SBA Loan: $ 1,142,850
Monthly SBA Debt Service: $13,566
Current cash flow: $480,000+
Annual SBA debt service: $162,790
Cash Flow Net of Debt Service: $317,210
Cash on Cash Return: 83.48%

Buy a profitable business! FedEx Ground Delivery Routes for sale $1,450,000. Currently grossing $1,735,000 and Nets $480k+ per year as an owner of the business. Includes 15 FedEx Home & Ground Routes 15 FedEx Delivery Vehicles worth an estimated $200k, (12 truck leases to be assumed) and 17 employees in place willing to transfer with the business. This business operates out of a Maryland Hub and currently has 15 Drivers and Two Managers in place, seller is a hands on owner who is willing to stay for a 30-45 day transition period, subject to negotiation. Territory for these routes is Baltimore, Maryland. FedEx pays weekly! Great Predictable Cash Flow at a Great Price! 

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