*SALE PENDING* 8 FedEx Home Routes in Montgomery County, Maryland.

UPDATE!! SBA Changed the Deal!  


If you buy a FedEx Business between February 1, 2021 and September 20, 2021, The SBA will make your first 3 payments, up to a maximum of $9000/month!  The SBA will also waive the ~3% Guarantee Fee.  UNTIL THE MONEY RUNS OUT!  

On a SBA loan for a qualifying Purchase, that works out to be $27,000 Extra CASH in your Pocket, plus the waiver of the 3% Guarantee Fee! 

FedEx is an Essential business during the COVID-19 Crisis. 

Due to the crucial role FedEx plays in moving supply chains and delivering critical relief, FedEx is considered an essential business and is allowed to continue to operate under state of emergency and shelter in place orders recently issued in the U.S.

FedEx Ground ISPs, and their employees, are delivering life preserving and lifesaving packages daily across the United States.

*You can fill out and sign the NDA online by clicking ‘Sign Document’ button below. You can also Fax it to 877-311-0970. Email to, NDA@Routes.ForSale For funds verification, please add the first page of your bank or brokerage statement (with account number redacted), showing at least $380,000 down payment as your Proof of Funds. Upon receipt of NDA & FUNDS VERIFICATION, the due diligence material will be emailed to you in a link to Box.com.


Purchase Price: $1,750,000

100% OVERLAP as of 5/2/2020
100% ISP Compliant, 

Deal Recap: 
Next Twelve Months Gross Income: $1,712,000+
Purchase Price: $1,750,000 
Next Twelve Months Cash Flow: $580,000+
Vehicle Value: $100,000 
8 FedEx Home & Ground Routes, 8 FedEx Delivery Vehicles in Montgomery County, MD. 

FedEx Ground Delivery Routes for sale $1,750,000. Currently grossing $1,712,000 and Nets $580k+ per year as an owner of the business. Includes 8 FedEx Home & Ground Routes 8 FedEx Delivery Vehicles worth an estimated $100k, and 9 employees in place willing to transfer with the business. This business operates out of a Maryland Hub and currently has 8 Drivers and One Managers in place, seller is a hands on owner who is willing to stay for a 30-45 day transition period, subject to negotiation. Territory for these routes is Montgomery County, Maryland. FedEx pays weekly! Great Predictable Cash Flow at a Great Price! 

Financing: SBA financing IS available for this transaction in the amount of $1,300,000.

What Does Financing do for you:

25% Down
6.00% 10 year Amortization

Equity Investment: $ 450,000
SBA Loan: $ 1,300,000
Working Capital: $ 20,000
SBA Guarantee Fee: $ 39,600
Closing Costs: $ 10,000
Total SBA Loan: $ 1,369,600

Monthly SBA Debt Service: $15,205

Current cash flow: $580,000 
Annual SBA debt service: $182,464
Cash Flow Net of Debt Service: $397,536

Cash on Cash Return: 88.34%

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