Why you Benefit....

As former ISP Contractors, we understand your business model. 

We have 25+ years experience in valuations, marketing and selling.

The Financial Health of your FedEx Routes is the start to negotiating power.

Buyers are pre-qualified through the Banks we work with.

Therefore, a quicker success rate in selling or buying is experienced.

One service with three critical elements,...

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Route Valuations

Are unique to every business. 

We offer valuations at no-fee because

we are confident to gain your business. 

Our analysis is 'hands-on' for every client. 

We do not limit valuations to using software only analysis tools. 

Every business has its own story.   

The ROI in the route business brings in between 30 - 34%. 

This is why we individualize each evaluation.


Consistent effort for maximum exposure coupled with

the relationships we have with our Banks, gets your business sold.

A comprehensive Buyers list is maintained. 

Buyers are notified as soon as your business for sale is listed on the web.

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Relationships with Banks

The Banks we work with are well-versed in

writing SBA – guaranteed loans specifically in your industry. 

99% of Buyers who go through the Banks we work with

receives the Bank's commitment letter to loan

within 2 week of a signed purchase agreement.

Relationships with Banks who loan in a contracted based industry is key.