Settlement Statements alone are not enough to figure out the value of your business.

The value of your business is not dictated by your contract.
Your contract is dictated by the value of your business.
Controlling expenses is a huge asset & never too late to start.

What is needed to start your Valuation

  • Tax Returns
  • YTD P&L (if available)
  • Marsh weekly invoice
  • Workers comp invoice
  • YTD payroll & 4-8 most recent Non-peak payroll
  • YTD fuel cost & 4-8 most recent Non-peak weeks
  • FedEx Weekly Statements back to peak 2017, (please leave the filenames as is, no need to change them)
  • Final PCAT from most recent negotiations
  • FedEx Contract w/ all Schedules
  • Scanner invoices for 2016-Present